Disney Sex


  • Walt (1901–66), US animator and movie and television producer; full name Walter Elias Disney. He became known for his cartoon characters that included Mickey Mouse (who first appeared in 1928), Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) was the first full-length cartoon with sound and color. Other notable animated movies: Pinocchio (1940), Dumbo (1941), Bambi (1942), Cinderella (1950), and Peter Pan (1953)
  • The Walt Disney Company is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue. Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt Disney and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the company was reincorporated as Walt Disney Productions in 1929.
  • (in  Walt Disney (American film producer): First animated cartoons; in  history of the motion picture: Nontechnical effects of sound )
  • United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; founded Disneyland (1901-1966)


  • A person’s genitals
  • Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions
  • arouse: stimulate sexually; “This movie usually arouses the male audience”
  • sexual activity: activities associated with sexual intercourse; “they had sex in the back seat”
  • either of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided; “the war between the sexes”
  • (chiefly with reference to people) Sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse

disney sex

disney 2

disney 2
walt disney world, orlando, FL.
set of random pics around the parks. aw, this is a curious one hehe

and yeah, all the pictures for my image manipulation tryout, same patterns for all – bright/contrast + curves

Ducks @ Disney

Ducks @ Disney
Made you look….